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Dry, Varietal Rosé Wine

Although new in our cellar, it deserves the title of "unbelievably beautiful" in every aspect. A dry, varietal rosé wine, crafted from Merlot grapes. Distinctive and exquisitely rosy, almost unreal in color, it boasts predominant fruity aromas with a pronounced note of raspberry. Its stunning color truly shines when poured into a glass, while its drinkability and aroma are qualities that will "capture" you with the first sip. Infusing love for wine and art, when it comes to Vučji Rosé, we've adorned it with a label signed by yet another Sombor painter, Milenko Buiša. His lady with a red hat complements the unreal beauty and mystique of our rosé wine. Paired with breaded cheese, Vučji Rosé wine adds a touch of seriousness even to casual conversations with acquaintances.